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Family-Based Petitions

You may be eligible for legal permanent residency (LPR) or a ‘green card’ through a family member if you are:

Related To U.S. Citizens  

U.S. citizens may petition for family members, including spouses, parents, children and siblings, to become permanent residents (LPR) or get a green card and start on the path to citizenship. Below are the numerous visa types for family members:

  • Immediate Relatives — Children (under 21), parents and spouses of U.S. citizens 
  • FB-1 First Preference — Unmarried sons and daughters of U.S. citizens 
  • FB-2 Third Preference — Married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens 
  • FB-4 Fourth Preference — Brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens 
  • K-1 and K-3 Fiancé(e) Visas — 90-day nonimmigrant visas for fiancé(e)s of U.S.      citizens 
  • K-3 Visas — For spouses of U.S. citizens whose petition for permanent residency has not been approved and forwarded to the U.S. consulate in the spouse's home      country 

Related to Permanent Residents

Permanent residents (LPRs) or green card holders are able to petition for:

  • Spouses and unmarried children 
  • Adult sons and daughters 
  • Spouses or children (if the permanent resident has filed a petition for the spouse or child before December 21, 2000, and the petition is still pending--V Visas).

If you are a members of one of these special immigration categories -  you may be to become an lpr or obtain a green card:

Sponsoring someone is normally a two stage process:

  • First, a United States Citizen or Green Card holder sponsors the visa for beneficiary, who in these cases is the family member, 
  • and then they file to accept that petition. 
  • Sometimes there can be a wait time in between these two steps and it would depend into which category you would fall into as to how long you need to wait before a visa becomes available. The times are updated on a monthly basis and you can find them by checking the most recent visa bulletin. 
  • For example an Immediate Relative petition for spouses (including same sex couples), children under 21 and parents of a US citizens can get their visa ‘immediately’ and you can file all the paper work together in one step. 
  • This process is subject to the time it takes the relevant offices to process your paper work which varies from application to application and office to office.

In addition to the options listed above there may be other potential ways to become an LPR or secure a Green Card for you for your family - Contact IISLG today and we can help find the best option for you.

Contact an immigration lawyer at IISLG to review your options for eligibility for a green card.